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So you're in trouble in the game ? You will find no walkthrough here. However, here are hints that might help you. Simply highlight the text to reveal them. But don't cheat ! Use only what you need. If no hint was useful to you, contact us and we will add a solution to your problem.

Level 1

How to turn the evelator on ?
You need a special object on the very first room of the game to give it power.

Where should I use the energy cell ?
Ask the plants.

What's the login to the computer in the Hall ?
It's the name of the owner of a Log you found on the very same room.

Level 0

Is there a cheat mode to the Primary Pump game ?
No :).

How can I pass the retinal scan ?
You need a good eye to do that.

Level 2

I can't open the door in the first room !
It needs power. The cache is around.

How can I get to the fantastic weaponry in the armoury ?
All you're allowed to use in this game is a crowbar and a stupid little gun.

Level 3

How do I access this damn level ?
Maybe you can't !

Level 4

How can I kill this damn monster in the garden !?
Several steps are needed. You also need two explosive devices. The first is one of the first object you got in the game. The second is on the sixth floor. Yes, you can get it.

How do I get past the debris on the first room ?
Not this way.

How do I get to the Captain's room ?
Some answers reveals themselves in the darkness...

Where is the Captain's password ?
Same as above.

This so called "quatrain" is driving me crazy !!!
It's actually easy. Do NOT try to calculate anything (yes, some people did...). Simply READ OUT LOUD the text between quotes. The answer should reveal itself.

Level 5

Any question ?

Level 6

How can I enter without getting fried ?
At the beginning, you can't as a "Human". But by being quick, you can get something useful...

I launched three missiles out of four. The fourth is stuck. Now what ?
This reduced the radioactivity level. As a human, you may enter to quickly solve your problem.

I found one code that seems useful in the Collector. Where to use it ?
On a computer that manages security.

I have only the "quatrain" password for the computer. Where's the remaining code ?
Sometimes, a human can do things better than a robot... Like searching.